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Saturday, August 12, 2017

150 Pornographers

Author: Victoria Brown

Dostoyevsky Wannabe Future Classics:

During the lunch break, when Pat and Micki
served cold meats, salad, cheeses and chilled white wine
Selina revealed her secret, it would be the ultimate turn-on
a free trip to Galaxy Studios to take an ace lensman up
on his suggestion that they make Kodak instamatic film together.

Who could forget Angie, for example,
or Mrs T, or trim, petite Louise of Worthing?
Here’s another brave reader, wide-eyed and
bubbling over with life, a double dish of delight
a secret desire to pose for a professional,
the final bare-all picture, got to be ‘sexy-fun’
the fruit was all her idea

Jenny of Dorset, Joanna of Devon, Elizabeth of Surrey,
Jackie of Cirencester, Lorna of Sussex…
these are the sort of things that can happen to you
if you put your mind to it.

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