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Hi, how can we help you?

Our job is to connect you, to patch you through.

Since starting Dostoyevsky Wannabe in 2014, we’ve made contact with a lot of people and we can’t always keep up with what they’re getting upto, nor do we have too much time to promote our back-catalogue, our future books or even a place to put all of the other stuff that comes our way so we set up the Dostoyevsky Wannabe Switchboard as a way of remedying this.

We’ll hopefully be inviting certain authors who we regularly work with, plus other interesting people who we come into contact with on Swimmers Club and elsewhere, to do a shift on the switchboard from time to time (or whenever they want – we’re a very lax bunch of switchboard operators).

So what does doing a shift on the Dostoyevsky Wannabe Switchboard involve?

We’ve got a few regular types of content that people can contribute to (see instruction manual) if they feel like it.

Alternatively, if current authors or authors who we’re in the middle of working with have anything they want to post (posters for readings, news of events, bits of writing, bits and pieces, again whatever you like)

Similarly for former authors/friends. If you have other books coming out with other publishers or readings/events or whatever that you want to promote then fine.

Note: Whatever people contribute will be moderated just so we can get a good balance as to what goes on here.

How do I sign up for a shift?

Just drop us an email at to let us know you’re interested and we’ll sort you out with a login. No pressure if you get a login and don’t post much stuff, no big obligation or anything.

Posted by: Kathleen Kathleen