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Friday, September 8, 2017
Untypical Girls

Clare Wadd

Fanzine creator and co-founder of Sarah Records

People always ask us do you regret turning the Manic Street Preachers down? I liked Design For Life but I always thought they were a bit silly. The thing is would they have become as famous if they had been on Sarah? It depends whether you believe bands get famous because they’re good or because they get money spent on them at the right time in the right way.

No one will ever get the rights to do a Sarah Records compilation at all. I’m not absolutely ruling out the possibility of there ever being one but no one else is going to get the right to do one. Although no one has asked us for ages! I liked the rumour that we turned down an offer to sell the label that was worth £2M! I’m really pleased that no one did offer us £2M because it would have been a really difficult decision! We probably would have turned it down though and we’d be kicking ourselves now!”

– Clare Wadd

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Posted by: Victoria Brown