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Monday, September 4, 2017

David Lynch Monday

“Nonsense is what I like most in life. If you see a man repeatedly hit against a wall to bleed, After a time they make you laugh because it becomes nonsense”.
— Dave Lynch on Repetition

“My family, my friend, I have criss-crossed this great land of our countless times. I hold a map of it here, in my heart next to the joyful memories o the carefree days I spent as a young boy here in your beautiful town of Twin Peaks. From Alexandria, Virginia to Stockton, California. I think about Lewis and his friend Clark, the first Caucasians to see this part of the world; their footsteps have been the highways and byways of my days on the road. My shadow is always with me, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind, sometimes to the left or sometimes toe the right. Except on cloudy days or at night.”
–Wally Brando

Posted by: Richard Brammer