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Monday, August 21, 2017

David Lynch Monday

2.45am David Lynch Monday
Three Quotations

“I was a happy camper. Are you kidding me? Very rarely was I, you know, hanging my head. And in those days I was building everything. I’d get Jack to help me, or Fred or Catherine. We were putting on our own play, you know what I mean? It was so fantastic. And I had my paper route! And soy beans. I was really into soy beans then. They’re very hard to digest – I wouldn’t recommend them, really. They were dry-roasted in a jar, and they were very reasonably priced, and I knew they were healthy, so I’d eat those. It was not a bad time”
–David Lynch on the making of Eraserhead

“In 1971 I asked Alan Splet to record me saying ‘I want pencils.’ I asked Alan to reverse that sentence. I learned it phonetically backwards and then spoke the backwards version and Al recorded that. That was reversed which made it sound forward, but a beautifully strange version of the original.”
— On backwards-forwards voices in Twin Peaks

“If you have a room, and it’s really quiet, or if there’s no sound, you’re just looking at this room. If you want a certain kind of mood, you find the sound that creeps into that silence: that starts giving you a feeling. And there are also sounds that kill a mood. So it’s getting rid of everything that you don’t want, and then building up all the things that are going to support it and make it whole. Because of a sequence of somebody moving through time, because of this idea here, and that there, a word here, and then a look there when the music hits, people start crying. Or they start laughing hysterically, or they become very afraid. Every sound has got to be right. Like in a symphony”
–On Rooms

Posted by: Richard Brammer