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The switchboard at DW HQ is a busy place but it can also be a lonely place. All those incoming and outgoing connections day and night, getting much respect from the megalomaniac Dostoyevsky Wannabe advertising people, not to mention having to deal with the huge demands of Dostoyevsky Wannabe’s star-authors.

Apart from a few loyal regular switchboard diehards, it’s no wonder that there’s a high staff turnover.

This is the general Telephony section where you can post whatever you like. Words, images, news on books/chapbooks you have coming out, readings you’re doing, whatever. Just general stuff really.

There are other sections that you can post under too. Press one of the numbered buttons below to connect and find out what we get up to in here and maybe you can come and do a shift yourself sometimes.

Posted by: Kathleen Kathleen

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