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Monday, August 28, 2017

Queer Artists Now – Open Call for Artists

Queer Art(ists) Now, presented by And What? Queer. Arts. Festival in association with Pilot Press, is our first annual open call platform/exhibition for contemporary Queer and LGBTQIA+ artists.

‘That’s one of the things that “queer” can refer to: the open mesh of possibilities, gaps, overlaps, dissonances and resonances, lapses and excesses of meaning…’ – Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

The exhibition Queer Art(ists) Now will provide a snap-shot of what artists within our communities are making right now; an insight into the thoughts, preoccupations, aesthetics, and politics of queer artists. We are interested in the work queer artists are making, the content and style is influenced by what they submit.

What you see might not necessarily represent sexuality or gender, but equally can, and probably will. The exhibition will present a kaleidoscope of artistry, as a window on what the fuck is going on. Up to 50 artists will be selected by our panel to be included in a salon-style exhibition taking place at Archive Gallery in Haggerston, London, between Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th October.

Queer Art(ists) Now is inclusive, democratic and accessible. As such the exhibition is, and will remain, un-themed, and content will not be censored or edited. There is no entrance fee for artists, and any sales of work go straight back to the artist! The cost of purchase is dictated by the artist. Everything is for sale, so grab yourself a bargain of the future.

The exhibition will also include a number of invited works by established artists. The selection panel for the exhibition is: Andrew Ellerby (And What? Director), Olivia Laing (Writer: The Lonely City, Frieze magazine), Evan Ifekoya (Artist) and Richard Dodwell (Pilot Press)

Posted by: Richard Brammer